Ever had that itch to know more, to dig deeper, to ask “why” or “how”? That’s curiosity for you. And guess what? It’s not just for kids or cats. It’s the secret weapon behind some of the most successful businesses out there. Let’s chat about why embracing the power of curiosity might be the best thing you do for your business.


1. Taking a Page from Steve Jobs’ Book

Let’s talk about Steve Jobs for a second. The guy behind Apple wasn’t just a tech whiz. He was endlessly curious. From his love for calligraphy to his deep dives into Zen Buddhism, Jobs was always on a quest for knowledge. He believed in connecting the dots from different fields, leading to iconic products like the iPhone. For folks like us, running or thinking of starting a small business, there’s a lesson here: Keep asking questions, and you might just stumble upon your next big idea.


2. Curiosity by the Numbers: It’s Not Just Me Saying It!

I recently came across the “Curiosity@Work Report” by SAS [1], and boy, did it have some eye-opening stats:

  • 72% of managers think curiosity is golden.
  • 59% are convinced that a curious team can bring in real results.
  • And get this, curious employees are seen as rockstars by 51% of managers.
  • On LinkedIn, there’s been a massive increase in engagement with posts about “curiosity”.

These aren’t just dry stats; they’re a loud shoutout to the rising star of curiosity in the business world, especially in these challenging times [1].


3. The Power of Curiosity to the Rescue: Solving Business Puzzles

Every business has its fair share of headaches. But what if I told you curiosity could be the aspirin? The SAS report suggests that managers link curiosity with:

  • Better efficiency and productivity.
  • Fresh, out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Teamwork that’s on fire.
  • Happier, more engaged employees.

For anyone in the US with a small business or even just a business dream, this is pure gold. Curiosity might just be the magic wand we’ve been searching for in solving your business challenges.

For example, you can use the power of curiosity to come up with new marketing ideas. Some ideas to get you going can be found in this article here


4. Curiosity in the Digital Jungle

In our tech-crazy world, data is king. And the SAS study hints that the most curious managers are often ahead of the game. They’re not just collecting data; they’re using it to understand their customers better, to measure how well they’re doing, and to build stronger teams. So, in business, curiosity isn’t just about asking the right questions; it’s about using the answers wisely.


5. Peeking into the Future: Curiosity’s Starring Role

Looking ahead, it’s clear: businesses will need a mix of tech skills and human qualities like creativity. But here’s the tricky part – finding folks who have both. As the business world keeps changing, the need for curiosity will only grow.


Wrapping Up

For all you dreamers and doers out there, here’s my two cents: Give curiosity a front-row seat in your business journey. As Steve Jobs showed us, it’s the curious folks who change the game. By championing curiosity, you’re not just sparking innovation; you’re setting yourself up for some serious success.



[1] SAS Curiosity@Work Report, Amid the Great Resignation, Curiosity is an Increasingly Important Skill for Employees, According to New SAS Study: